Drugstore Online

Online drugstore is one of the strategies submitted by pharmacies to improve customer service. Now you will not have to walk and ride in search of drugs, medicines or places where you can order them.

Buy drugs or any other products offered by our online pharmacy is very simple. You just need to select them, put in the cart and place an order on our website on the internet pharmacy or call the operator and place an order orally.Once your application is accepted, we will deal with the processing. This process in our online pharmacy is very fast.

Online Drugstore without a Prescription

  • Cheap Price Drugs

    Online drugstore - it's exactly the same pharmacy, as any pharmacy licenses, pharmacists, with the norms of the storage of medicines, medical supplies and the rules implementing them into account. The only difference - is a value-added services to clients ranging from drug delivery and to the provision of discounts to its loyal customers. We remember each of you, remember that you have purchased at a pharmacy for us, for what amount, which was asked to deliver drugs - so each new purchase, we gain an objective in the price of medicines for you in the future. We specializes in comprehensive customer service. On the site you can place an order and the order of any list of medicines and drugs for home delivery.

  • Why are we cheaper drugs?

    Probably every one of you wondering about that - why drugs in our online drugstore cheaply, can that something is wrong with their quality, or already overdue expiry date of medicines. There are a few highlights:

    First: it sales of drugs, the more volume the more discount for purchase of drugs from manufacturers. Ie more purchasing party, the greater the discount. On this discount we give you the opportunity to economize. But the main reason is not in this, as in the large pharmacy chains of Lipetsk, prices are kept at approximately the same level as at all, sometimes they are even higher, because the overhead for large networks more.
    Secondly: it is no need to include retail space and huge amounts of money to pay for the rental of premises, pharmacies, pharmacy items in an amount to provide exactly the same amount of sales. In other words, one of our pharmacy efficiency and sales overlaps several other pharmacies. Thus we are able, in the final margin on drugs, not to lay the rent of premises, staff salaries and pharmacists.
  • Order Online

    Despite the fact that the basic groundwork for lower drug prices - this is an opportunity for us to not have a huge number of retail space - we have in stock, in a constant presence, there is a wide range of drugs, medicines and medical products, including medical equipment. All this you can order online at our online pharmacy.